How long does it take to get connected to a Company?

It usually depends on the size of the company and what accounting software you are using. For MYOB companies Watchful Eye goes to work straight away to take the first copy of the company data and depending on the size will usually complete this process within the first day (depending on how big the company is). For Xero companies there are currently API call limits so it can take a couple of days to get the first copy of the data, Xero are looking to remove the limits when a company first connects to an addon product (we are looking forward to this).

Do you pay for Companies and Users?

You only need 1 subscription for each company connected. You can share the connected company in Watchful Eye with as many users as you like. There is a drop-down menu under your username to manage the company and who has access to it.

Can my clients use Watchful Eye?

Yes, of course! As above you don’t pay for users and if you connected the subscription for your client you just have to share the company with them from within Watchful Eye. There is a drop-down menu under your username to manage the company and who has access. You will have to show your clients how to set up Alerts if you want them to receive these directly.

What do you get with a free trial?

Watchful Eye provides a full use free trial for 30 days for 1 company. You will be notified when your company is nearing the end of the trial & your data is automatically deleted from our platform 30 days after the trial has ended.

How long do I have to sign up for?

All subscriptions roll over every 30 days but you can cancel your subscription at any time.

How do I add additional companies?

You can add additional companies by adding a subscription. You just need to have enough subscriptions to connect the number of companies you require. There is a drop-down menu under your username to manage subscription and companies.

I want my Employee info in Watchful Eye but don’t have this in XERO or MYOB?

This is often the case so Watchful Eye created a simple upload process to get employee info into the Watchful Eye platform so our algorithms can use the info as if it was Xero or MYOB. There is a button on the Employee Details menu which provides a spreadsheet template, populate & then import. You can create a monthly process to upload all employees or just add new employees as they come on board or as their information changes.

Advisor Only feature: Can the Watchful Eye team help us write the Xero or MYOB Assessment reports?

We would love to help to get you going writing Xero & MYOB Assessment Reports, contact us to assist by logging a support ticket within the Watchful Eye platform and we will walk you through the process.

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