New Feature Release: Overall Quality Score

We are really excited with these news features! Watchful Eye now automatically generates an Overall Quality Score to measure how well we think you are using Xero \ MYOB – available to all users. When a company has completed the connection process to Watchful Eye, a Xero \ MYOB Assessment Report is generated for you to make recommendations on how your clients can improve how they are using Xero \ MYOB. Brand with your logo & your clients logo –…

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Police warn businesses of scammers hacking into workers’ bank accounts

A good reminder, which unfortunately needs to be often. There is no need not to trust that emails requesting bank account changes are legitimate but make sure you pick up the phone and ring to confirm the request to change bank accounts. A good simple internal control to safeguard your outgoing payments. For suppliers, get the phone number already stored in Xero\MYOB or take it off a previous invoice. Anuja Nadkarni12:13, Apr 11 2019 The scammers use the employee’s…

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