Users can now set up Groups of their Xero & MYOB companies to enable Watchful Eye to start analysing across your company files.

The first two menus released:

1) Watchful Eye looks for the Same Supplier Invoice Number & Amount & returns items that have been processed in more than one group company. Our Users have found that errors like this do occur & more often than they would like.

2) Watchful Eye looks for Supplier & Employees with similar bank accounts. This menu also assists in getting companies named exactly the same in each group company, just push the button in Watchful Eye to update the supplier name in all group companies. This menu will make the upcoming Group GL menu even more powerful as cleaner data allows for better analysis.

Coming Soon: Group General Ledger

3) Export ALL Group Companies general ledger data with the click of a button, use Microsoft Excel to analyse & add value to your group.