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Drive integrity in your accounting system usage



Reduce your risk and protect against errors & fraud with continuous monitoring of Xero + MYOB


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Watchful Eye: Quality Control for Xero, MYOB
Product Overview

Product Overview

Watchful Eye is synonymous with quality control for both Xero and MYOB. With 5% of company revenues lost annually to employee fraud globally, Watchful Eye isn’t just a helpful tool. It’s an integral part of efficient business accounting, providing invaluable protection against error, fraud, and loss of company funds. Watchful Eye is the modern solution your small to medium business needs to keep a watchful eye over your business operations.  Some of Watchful Eye’s features include: Seamless integration with Xero…

Product features


Watchful Eye software for Xero + MYOB seamlessly integrates to your accounting system, it keeps a Watchful Eye over your accounting system activity and provides actionable lists of transactions you need to review

Advisor Menu

For Accounting Practices; get visibility across your client base to highlight who has good transactional processing practices along with those who may need some help.

Quality Score

Watchful Eye automatically generates a quality score based on how well we think the company is using Xero \ MYOB

Processing Quality

Ten measures that graphically display the trend of the quality & volume of transactional processing within your accounting system. Click through to see the transactions to view (or fix in Xero)

Analysis Template

Export your Xero or MYOB data from our General Ledger menu & pop it into our Analysis Template, a Microsoft Excel pre-formatted pivot table to help you to analyse your company or provide advisory services to your clients.

Data Integrity

Validate all “Company” Suppliers and Customers against AU ASIC, NZ Companies Office & UK Companies House. Validate Supplier, Customer & Employee physical addresses against google maps

Customers + Suppliers

Analyse Customer & Supplier transactions highlighting errors or suspicious transactions to investigate


Keep your employee personal details current. Analyse transactions highlighting errors or suspicious transactions to investigate. View relationships between your Employees and your Suppliers & Customers


Analyse the spread of your current Suppliers, Customers & Employees and highlight transaction volumes. Highlights any close vicinity records so you can confirm they are legitimate.

General Ledger

Ensure your company’s total GL transactions align to Benford’s Law distribution or understand why it doesn’t align


Manage the records being investigated. Assign investigations to different users. Store supporting notes, attachments, etc on the ticket. Classify tickets when the closing the investigation.

Custom Alerts

Not all companies face the same risks, select the risk areas you are interested in and how often you want to be sent each alert type.

Meet our team

Brett Wilgar BCom, CA

Chief Executive Officer

Brett Wilgar is the founder and the creator of the Watchful Eye accounting governance software. He has 20+ years of commercial management experience in the IT industry.
Brett holds a Marketing and Accounting degree from the University of Otago and is a Chartered Accountant member of the Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand.
“Our story started in late 2013.  I was the CFO of an Australasian IT company when an employee stole AUD$450,000 from the company.
At that time I was not aware of the extent of employee fraud and how big an issue it was for businesses, but it sparked a keen interest in the subject area.
After two years of research we started developing software designed to help business owners drive quality into their accounting system usage to reduce their risks.”


Kuai Wei PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Kuai Wei has led the development team building the Watchful Eye accounting governance software since the company’s inception. He has a PhD in Computer Science specialising in algorithm design from the University of Auckland. He also has over 10 years of programming experience, including 4+ years of algorithm design and implementation.
Kuai is a keen ‘technology evangelist’, looking at the cutting-edge technologies and build prototypes.
He also has deep understanding of software architecture, security, database design and optimisation.
At Watchful Eye our software has been built and hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, applying best practice architecture and security, unit tests, integration tests, DevOps, etc. We have also developed complicated algorithms to analyse all aspects of accounting data together with multiple 3rd party data connections to report suspicious records. Our investment on algorithms will never stop.

Ministry of Transport swindler Joanne Harrison pleads guilty to benefit fraud

Often when offenders of employee fraud are caught, stories of their offending in prior roles comes to light.  The fraud they commit adversely affects the companies and employees they work with and many are let go without prosecution because of the stigma around the company being victim to fraud.  The only way this will change is for companies to have clear anti fraud policies and practices, and, if fraud is detected, to be able to provide the information needed to…

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Canberra woman who nabbed $157,000 jailed for ‘largely inexplicable’ fraud

Where there are no controls in place, and no analytics of payroll and payment data, this type of “not sophisticated” fraud is too easily carried out.  It wasn’t until the new CEO undertook a financial audit that the fraud was detected.  Another common element here is that “because of her role and the confidence that she had inspired, her work was not closely supervised.”  Where executive employees are busy within their own roles and do not have the time to…

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SkyCity fraudster jailed for seven years, eight months

There has been a lot of coverage of this case and it is good to see that Judge Philip Connell not only highlighted that Grant’s repetitive offending had breached the organisations’ and employees’ trust, but also that she, and others who commit employee fraud, will be jailed for this crime.  The best outcome is for you to be able to prevent this crime from occurring, and ACFE report that having a monitoring tool is proven to reduce your losses by 54%…

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White collar crime ‘rampant’ as nearly 900 fraud complaints go uninvestigated

This highlights the prevalence of employee fraud in New Zealand, and the inability of companies to protect themselves or provide the necessary details for this fraud to be investigated by the police.  The article states there is little deterring criminals from committing fraud and “(it is) a bit of an internal joke in police that if you’re going to commit an offence, fraud is the offence to commit (as) the chance of being detected is incredibly low…..” Watchful Eye software…

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Former Public Trustee contractor jailed for stealing more than half a million dollars

Often fraud happens over a long period of time, with the perpetrator becoming bolder as time goes on and the fraud remains undetected.  Watchful Eye software monitors every transaction and reports on changes and anomalies which can prevent this from happening.  By instigating an anti fraud policy in your company and implementing anti fraud software, you reduce your risk to employee fraud and will not be a workplace fraudsters will look to be employed.   http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-11-04/former-contractor-jailed-stealing-more-than-half-million-dollars/7996698 November 4, 2016 A…

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Hamilton office administrator admits $203,000 theft from employer to fund gambling addiction

Gambling is cited by many as their reason for defrauding their employers and something to be aware of as an employer with your staff.  More and more we are seeing this reason used in court, but it is hard to gain an accurate picture as many exaggerate the extent of their gambling issues to garner sympathy.  This is something Judges seem aware of, acknowledging gambling addictions as explaining but not excusing the offending – as is the case here with this…

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Joanne Harrison’s $725,000 ‘web of deception’ revealed in new documents

There has been a lot of coverage of this case.  If one theme should be raised to my readers, it is that threatening behaviour of fraudsters is quite common – being ‘grumpy’, ‘unapproachable’, etc is a common front to avoid being questioned. Care should be taken when trust is placed in staff with these attributes. Also validating suppliers so ‘imaginary’ ones do not get set up in your accounting system (let alone having invoices paid to them) is very important.…

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Former IRD staffer jailed for theft of $265k

As part of our overall anti-fraud philosophy we suggest that you be professionally sceptical and respect your instincts.  This does not guarantee protection, especially when some people take enjoyment in breaching your internal controls, and when their behaviour is irrational and out of character.  Without reporting on your financial transactions and data it is hard to protect yourself. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/89355773/former-ird-staffer-jailed-for-theft-of-265k February 13, 2017 BEVAN READ/FAIRFAX NZ KELLY DENNETT Last updated17:00, February 13 2017 Michael Marsom appeared for sentencing in the Auckland District…

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