vCFO Service

Every business needs someone to manage accounting, provide financial oversight, and offer strategic advice. Our Virtual CFO service will be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

vCFO options

Watchful Eye vCFO services are based around why we built Watchful Eye, improving the maturity of your accounting function, improving your internal controls & establishing business processes to enable growth until a full-time in-house accountant is required.

Providing accounting advice from inside your business by Accountants who have held CFO roles in businesses up to $90 mill. per annum revenues.

Mix & match from the options to build a service that meets your requirements & budget.


Assessment report

Our vCFO services require a Watchful Eye subscription. Usually the first step is completing an Assessment Report on your business, this gives us our initial understanding of your business. Cost $299 + GST

Management & board reporting

Establish a monthly reporting pack to ensure you understand how your business is performing. Understand the key drivers of business performance & what is required to improve the performance.

Budgeting & forecasting

The Budget is one of the outputs of your business planning process. Use rolling forecasts to get visibility of what you actually see as the year progresses, manage your business to the expected future results.

Internal control strengthening

We will use Watchful Eye to improve your internal controls & safeguard your business assets.


Statutory reporting & providing GST, FBT & Income tax services or reviewing the work of your team to ensure no errors create exposures for your business.

Financial analysis & modelling

We love to analyse & use data driven approaches to understand where your business has come from & where it is likely to go. Diving deep into your systems to understand what drives your business.

Working capital management

Effective management of accounts receivable, inventory, account payable and cash provides the foundation for growth, profitability and liquidity for a business..

Financial mentoring

Business owners generally do not have an accounting background, we can work with you to improve your financial capability.

Mentor your admin function

Have an admin staff or team &  want to increase their financial capability so they can take on more of the accounting function. Building a self sufficient team enables career development for your staff  while also reducing the reliance on external accounting services.

Expense management policies

Expenses out of control, implement best practice policies for getting expenses back in check.

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