Add another layer to your Accounts Payable internal controls

Below are a couple of our ideas for improving your internal controls around accounts payable. Download our complete internal control checklist and find more ways to add to your existing Accounts Payable internal controls

Xero ActivityDeliveryInternal Control Suggestion
New SupplierWatchful Eye AlertEnsure all new supplier are set up completely with;
- Legal entity Name used on Contact record
- Physical address added to contact record
- GST (NZ) \ Company Number (AU) has been loaded & is valid
- Default GL code added
Changed Supplier Bank AccountWatchful Eye AlertValidate the bank account detail change with a phone call
Store validation notes on the Xero contact record
Supplier invoices processed without an attachmentWatchful Eye Processing Quality chart – click throughHave admin staff attach a copy of the missing invoice attachment in Xero
Load key Employee info if not already in XeroWatchful Eye spreadsheet upload templateWatchful Eye compares the employee data across your customer and supplier data looking for relationships