As a tool built by accountants for accountants, Watchful Eye adds an extra layer of protection against human error and fraud, and provides tools to maximize client engagement and productivity.
Watchful Eye gives each Xero or MYOB file a comprehensive quality score based on how well your company or client’s is using the Xero & MYOB functionality and their performance measures up against Watchful Eye’s extensive user database.
The ‘Advisor Only’ feature generates a Xero or MYOB assessment report so that you have the power to judge how well your clients are using Xero or MYOB.
All you need to do is simply fill out our report template to generate client-specific recommendations for add-on apps, improvements to processes and internal controls, and suggested trainings, amongst other exciting features.
To find out about these features of Watchful Eye (plus many more!), check out our Improving Client Loyalty brochure or our CFO App Playbook so you can see how Watchful Eye can improve your company and/ or client’s accounting functions in just 30 minutes per month.
As we are continually looking to expand our functionality in order to help accountants assist their company or clients, keep a lookout for more CA\CPA Advisor, Bookkeeper Manager & Employee Fraud Protection playbooks coming soon!
Don’t miss your chance to see how the advisor pricing works, starting from less than a cup of coffee per month per client! Explore it today:

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